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Dr. David is an in-demand public speaker and can be found on stages and speaking at conferences, retreats and workshops across the United States and in Canada.

David draws from his nearly forty years of public service in three fields (law enforcement, priesthood and therapist) to inspire audiences large and small and show people how to realize the life of their dreams.

“By far, the most powerful speaker that I’ve heard present at the AHA Conference.”

Rene Fossler, CT

Dr. James has spoken to audiences as large as 10,000 people and conducts intimate retreats with as few as 15, but no matter the size, attendees report having a personal connection that stays with them long after the event concludes.

While a police officer he spoke to community and service groups, but his passion was addressing teens in packed-out auditoriums and encouraging them to reach their highest potential as member of society. From topics as diverse as drug-abuse awareness to enlisting them to build a more just and engaged community, David never failed to inspire young people to be their best.

As an Episcopal priest, David preached weekly in faith communities large and small to help people integrate their faith into their daily life. Preaching in small country churches and metropolitan cathedrals David used a combination of inspiration, humor and real-life stories to connect his audience with their own connection to Divinity.

From the early 90’s, David conducted interfaith retreats for men who were on the journey of becoming their most authentic self. Having published two books on the spiritual life of men, he spoke to the yearning of men who wanted to break free of the limiting culture landscape of contemporary masculinity.

For the past five years, David has been speaking about the power of our Magnificent Mind and has been a featured presenter at professional gatherings of physicians, therapists and social workers. His ability to communicate profound insights in a simple and engaging manner makes him a sought-after speaker on both the professional and inspirational circuit.

Here are some of the talks that Dr. David James can bring to your group or organization, but be warned…his energy is infectious and you just might begin to experience unexpected outbursts of joy, peace, love, prosperity, harmony and grace!

“Dr. David James was a recent guest of ours and shared his extensive knowledge and wisdom on the topic of hypnosis and how it can be used to enhance and create the life you desire. Dr. James’s insights will open your mind and heart to all the possibilities that exist to finding true happiness in your life.”

Christina Nitschmann, Host of Savvy Central Radio

Keynote Addresses

“Discover your Magnificent Mind” (60-90 Minutes)

Based on his just released Hay House Book by the same title, this talk explores the fascinating and mysterious realm of the mind. With the understanding of a seasoned psychologist and hypnotherapist, Dr. James introduces the audience to the power of their minds to heal their body, create abundance and prosperity, enhance relationships and experience a greater sense of well-being than ever thought possible.

Workshop version of this keynote talk is available to address any of the specific topics outlined above.

“The Sacred Journey: Manifesting the Divine in your everyday life.” (60-90 Minutes)

We live in a day and age when people are not satisfied with the “ordinary life. Thanks, in large part to the explosion of information technologies and global connectivity, people can feel more engaged with others around the world and yet, at the same time very alone. This talk imagines the possibilities of a global spirituality where the best technology and spiritual traditions join to create a common language for encountering the Divine and each other.

Workshop and breakout versions of this talk available also.

“Walking with the Angels of Prosperity, Purpose, Passion and Peace.” (60-90 minutes)

In the past, the worlds of the sacred and the professional were at odds with each other. These are exciting times for people in business who want to integrate a powerful spiritual practice into their daily routine. From mindfulness practices to a deeper understanding of the role of energy and quantum physics, this talk offers a compelling invitation to make your work a vehicle for awakening your deepest spirit. After all, angels are all around you, why not put them to work for you while you’re at it?

Workshop and breakout versions of this talk available also.

“Dr. David is a beautiful combination of academia, mindfulness, and spirituality. The passion that he has for his clients and students is thoroughly felt through his unique style and excellent delivery. His diverse background makes him relatable yet the depth of his knowledge is PRICELESS!”

Meika Mashack, MSW, BCaBA

Let’s tailor make your group presentation

Dr. David James has a wealth of experience, education and passion that allows him to work with you to design a presentation, workshop or retreat that will be perfect for you. Let’s be in touch and discover how to co-create a life-changing experience with Dr. James.

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