Transformational Hypnosis

“I am a single mom trying my hardest to make it on my own in LA, and improve life for my son and I. When I met Dr. David James, I felt broken on the inside, financially stuck, and in need of a serious faith lift. Within 4 months of working with him on a weekly basis, I was promoted at work with a 56% raise, landed a dream job in the engineering department which gives me an extra $20,000 a year doing what I love, and solid confidence in myself to take on any obstacle that comes my way. My gratitude for Dr. David can’t be quantified, and his work speaks for itself. I will undoubtably be working with him for many many years to come.”

Aletia Little
Computer programmer &
Student of Quantum Computing

“Working with David has been extremely helpful with gaining perspective and strengthening my confidence. I never believed in hypnotherapy until our first session but now I swear by it”

Jacob Kasher, also know as JKash
Rapper, Songwriter, Producer

“I’m so Thankful to be working with David. He has given me strength and guidance when I felt lost and alone. It has been a powerful and positive experience and I’ve realized how important and helpful hypnosis really is and I will continue to do it for the rest of my life. David brings skill, compassion and many years of experience to hypnosis. My life has improved so much since I started working with David. I can’t recommend him enough.”

Chenar Kahn
Real Estate Agent and Fashion Designer

“David James and his unique style of hypnosis is changing my life. I highly recommend you take the leap!”

Jessica Lynne

“Dr. James has the insight, compassion and creativity of a healer. His concern about his clients comes through in his work. I highly recommend him as a hypnotherapist.”

M. Budoff, Attorney
New York City

“My initial experience with Dr David James was that of trust and comfort. I was immediately at ease and confident in his knowledge, expertise and capability. I believe he brings all of himself into his work including his gentle heart.”

Elaine W., Yoga and Meditation Teacher

“I doubt I would have consulted a hypnotist. But I was attracted to David’s fascinating background, his path from police sergeant to Episcopal priest, to a focus of men and manhood (mens’ movement), to author, psychologist, and now hypnotherapy. This real-world credibility was certainly confirmed in working with David. He is down to earth, but effective!”

Laura Gottwald, Interior Design
New York City

Public Presentations

“Dr. David is a beautiful combination of academia, mindfulness, and spirituality. The passion that he has for his clients and students is thoroughly felt through his unique style and excellent delivery. His diverse background makes him relatable yet the depth of his knowledge is PRICELESS!”

Meika Mashack, MSW, BCaBA
“Global Women’s Summits Outstanding Leadership Award Recipient”
Coaching Without Walls| Human Behavior Specialist & Life Coach

“Dr. David James was a recent guest of ours and shared his extensive knowledge and wisdom on the topic of hypnosis and how it can be used to enhance and create the life you desire. Dr. James’s insights will open your mind and heart to all the possibilities that exist to finding true happiness in your life.”

Christina Nitschmann
Host of Savvy Central Radio

“Dr. James is a professional who gives content rich interviews that you can share with your listeners. David is informative with great stories and illustration that gets the message across easily. He genuinely cares that your listeners get benefit from hearing what he has to say. We would love to have him back on the show, so he can share more insights on hypnosis and breaking the pattern in your love life.”

Lorna Poole
Bad Boy Breakthrough Radio

“I really enjoyed having Dr. James on as a guest on my podcast. Our aim of the show is to consistently give people tools to enhance their lives in the health and wellness arena. Dr. James provided the audience with information that many people didn’t realize could assist in their wellness goals. Dr. James was entertaining, passionate, and informative while telling us the many benefits of hypnosis. He really showed why hypnosis is an up and coming modality that is sure to be utilized on a larger scale in the future.”

Omar Cumberbatch
Host, The Wellness Ultimatum

“Dr. James is down to Earth and his willingness to connect with others to talk about hypnotherapy, the strategies one can use, and the homework one can do on his/her own to train his/her mind to open to the possibilities that he/she wants, makes him an awesome guest to have on the radio. I highly recommend Dr. James, as he will be welcomed back on the show anytime. He is truly someone that cares about helping others connect with what they envision for themselves, their best self. He is definitely worth having on. After all, he is Fulfilling Life’s Yearnings and is helping others around the world do the same, and that is incredible.”

Blake Soulet
Podcast Host, Fulfilling Life’s Yearnings with Blake Soulet

“You are, by far, the most powerful speaker that I’ve heard present at the AHA Conference.”

Rene Fossler, CT

“I just watched your presentation on the Power of the Placebo on Hypnosis.TV It was fantastic…probably the best one I’ve seen there in all my years at the school.”

Joe Tabbanella
Hypnotherapist and Instructor at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute

“Congratulations to David James on a tightly organized, entertaining, informative presentation on the power of placebo. David’s presentations set a new level of excellence.”

Daniel Latch
Certified Hypnotherapist

“Thank you so much, for the interesting information on hypnotherapy with epigenetics and the neuroplastic connection with the placebo affect, it really made for a great lecture. This is I think a most important concept for hypnotherapists in practice….compelling!”

K. Reginald Parks
Certified Hypnotherapist

“One of the best talks I have ever experienced at the American Hypnosis Conference. Wonderful job David!”

Gregory L. Barlow
Master Hypnotherapist

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