The Gift of Release

In my work, there is nothing better than seeing people learn how to understand and realign their emotional life to make the powerful changes they desire. In this work it’s important to understand the role of emotions as energy.

Often we think that emotions are somehow an unchangeable part of our psychological structure, when in reality they are what John Bradshaw called “energy in motion.” Emotions are a feeling we have to some experience that releases an energetic discharge in our body. By learning the “Gift of Release,” we learn to neither “stuff” our emotions or let them explode. Lester Levenson developed what is now known as the Sedona Method and this technique helps learn to let go.

The gift of release suggests that 1) all emotions are energy, 2) all emotions are merely energy seeking release, 3) some emotions affect us so strongly that they become part of our subconscious programming, and that 4) by learning to recognize, name, feel and then release emotions we can become free of their destructive influence.

Imagine that a strong emotion is like a wave from the ocean that crashes onto the beach. What does it do next? Gravity pulls the dispersed water back into the ocean for the next round of waves making their way back to shore. Now what would happen if just before the wave was to crash onto the beach we were to drop a huge cement box around part of the wave? What would happen? All the energy of the wave would be absorbed inside the box and its natural rhythm would be disrupted. And yet, the moment we removed the cement structure, the water would return to the natural cycle of the ocean and balance would be restored.

The same is true of our emotional life. If we view emotions as waves of energy whose purpose is to manifest and then return to the ocean of consciousness, we would be less inclined to either hold onto them or try to block their expression.

Becoming proficient in this process takes work, because we have not been trained to interact with our emotions this way. The method of release allows us to actually familiarize ourselves with the power of our emotions, not fear them and allow them to dissipate on their own.

It’s also important to be able to work with our emotions because we are going to use them to drive the change that we want to bring to the subconscious, so the more comfortable you are with emotion, the stronger your work will be. So, if you’re ready to make dynamic change, contact me and let’s get busy getting you free!

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